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CallAssist telemarketing dialer


CallAssist Telemarketing Dialer

CallAssist is a call center phone dialer that allows a single operator to quickly make a large number of outbound telemarketing or market research calls. Requires a modem. Click here to read more.

Download CallAssist telemarketing softwareDownload CallAssist -Now called Acarda Outbound (Solo)

ListDial telemarketing dialer


TeamMax Call Center

TeamMax is a call center specifically designed for outbound calling. Its great for both small and larger call centers doing telemarketing or market research.   Increase your agent productivity by up to 300% compared to manual dialling.  Telemarketers work together as a team and are given one lead to dial at a time by the server software. Click here to read more.

Download ListDialDownload TeamMax -Now called Acarda Outbound (Team)

Sales lead auto dialer


Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer for Sales Leads

Great for finding sales leads and fund raising.  It can generate a list of phone numbers and then telephone these numbers and give the person who answers the phone a sales message. Fully automated telemarketing voice broadcaster. Requires a Dialogic Card. Click here to read more.

Download Acarda messengerDownload Acarda Messenger Sales Lead

Survey software auto dialer


Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer for Surveys

Use for marketing research as well as election polling.  It can generate a list of telephone numbers to call, and then telephone these numbers to conduct a fully automated telephone survey. Requires a Dialogic Card. Click here to read more.

Download surveyDownload Acarda Messenger Survey

Product Profile - CallAssist Telemarketing Software

CallAssist Telemarketing Software Outline

This month we showcase CallAssist telemarketing software.  If you are a professional telemarketer or market researcher then don't be without a great tool like CallAssist. This is a feature rich and extremely flexible call manager.  You become super efficient using CallAssist to keep track of what calls have been made, who you need to call back and the outcomes of those calls you have made.

To make a call simply select the number in the Dial List Grid and click Dial (or Dial Next).  If the phone is not answered or is busy, click the re-queue button and the number is sent to the end of the Dial List for calling later. 

You can also select a time and date to call again later, then check which ones need calling by clicking the Call Backs button. When a call back is due, the title above the Dial List Grid changes colour to red and flashes on and off.   If someone requests to be added to the Do Not Call list, simply click the Do No Call button.  CallAssist allows you to note a range of responses and call outcomes so after making the calls you can compile a list of results.

Here is what the main CallAssist telemarketing software screen looks like:

CallAssist telemarketing software

How do you get the telephone numbers to call into CallAssist?

One common question is "how do I get my telemarketing list numbers in"?  Before you can make calls with CallAssist you need to add the numbers to the Dial List. There are two approaches to how the Dial List and Contacts directory are used.

1. You can import numbers into the Dial List and then as you make calls when you get a positive response you can add that contact to the Contacts directory.
2. The other approach is to import the numbers to dial into the Contacts directory and then use the F7 function to transfer all records in the Contacts directory to the Dial List.

The approach you take depends on your application and on the extent of the data you have on each number.

If you are using a number generator program to make your dial list numbers then there is no point importing the numbers to the Contacts directory rather import them to the Dial List directly.

On the other hand if you have purchased a telemarketing list which contains full contact details then import the numbers to the Contacts directory and then use the F7 function to add that contact to the Dial List.

More Information

For more details please take a look at the CallAssist telemarketing software page here.

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