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CallAssist Telemarketing Dialer Software Screens

Below are sample screen images so you can see how CallAssist telemarketing dialer looks and works.  To save on time to load this page, the CallAssist screenshots are displayed as thumbnail images. To see the full image, click on the thumbnail and the full image will open.

Phone dialer

The CallAssist Main Screen

Calls are made from the CallAssist main screen.  On the right is a Dial List Grid.  Names, telephone numbers and other data can be setup in the Dial List Grid by a text file import, or added from the inbuilt Contacts directory. To the left is a Dial List Card which shows the current record in a card like view.  If the phone number in the Dial List is found in the Contacts directory, contact details are automatically displayed in a Contact Card on the left side.

To make a call simply select the number in the Dial List Grid and click Dial (or Dial Next).  If the phone is not answered or is busy, click the re-queue button and the number is sent to the end of the Dial List for calling later. 

You can also select a time and date to call again later, then check which ones need calling by clicking the Call Backs button. When a call back is due, the title above the Dial List Grid changes colour to red and flashes on and off.   If someone requests to be added to the Do Not Call list, simply click the Do No Call button.  CallAssist allows you to note a range of responses and call outcomes so after making the calls you can compile a list of results. 



The Contacts Directory

The Contacts directory is where you store contact information. You can keep a record of four different phone numbers, plus an email address, a memo note, a classification group and address details.  There are also a range of user-definable fields. 

The Contacts directory shows contacts in two views; a spreadsheet grid like view and a card like view. You can send numbers from the Contacts directory to the Dial List on the main screen by clicking the function key. You can add the whole directory to the Dial List, a group of records based on a selected Classification or only one record at a time.  You can easily add new records to your Contacts directory as you are talking to people - simply clicking the F12 key from the main screen to open the directory. 


Dialer options

The Options Screen

Under the Options screen you setup how you want CallAssist to function.  It is an easy task - most options are in a simple checkbox format. The Telephony Tab is for modem selection and autodialing options, whilst the Do Not Call tab is where you select which Do Not Call manager to use.

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