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Acarda Messenger Autodialer for Sales Leads

Acarda Messenger Sales Lead software automatically phones a list of people and plays them a sales message about your product or service.  You set when it is to make the phone calls, record your message (using Acarda Messenger's Prompt Editor) and it will do the rest.    Use it to find qualified sales leads - people who are ready to buy or who want to know more. You can reach hundreds, even thousands of people with news of your product or service!  No more cold calling - every day you can have a list of people interested in your product or service ready and waiting for you when you come in the door!

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How It Works

The Acarda Messenger for Sales Leads application can generate a list of phone numbers and then automatically phone these numbers. You can also import a list of telephone numbers that you might have in another application, or you can manually enter the telephone numbers into Acarda Messenger Sales Leads. You can ensure certain numbers won't ever be telephoned, eg emergency services, police etc, by having their numbers in a Do Not Call list.

When the Acarda Messenger telemarketing software phones the people on your list, it will ask the person who answers the phone some preliminary questions to determine if they are the best person to hear the sales message. If the call is answered by an answer machine, a summary message can be left, rather than the full message.  If the call is answered by a fax, this is noted in the report.  Once the right person is on the phone it will play the sales message and ask for a response.  People can respond by asking to be transferred back to someone within your organisation, or they can leave you a message. They can confirm they would like a certain action taken, e.g to be rung back or they can ask to hear the message again. They can also enter a phone or fax number eg where you can send them more information.

The Acarda Messenger keeps placing calls until all the people on your list have been phoned, or the preset stop time is reached for that day. It will automatically reschedule new attempts of failed numbers (busy or not answered).  You can view, print and export results of all the calls in different categories, e.g transferred calls, failed calls, confirmed calls, etc.


Key Features

  • Automatically place telephone calls & convey voice messages
  • Every part of the phone message heard by the call recipient can be recorded and played in a voice of your choice, ie from the initial greeting to the farewell message.
  • Up to 10 sets of messages can be recorded and played simultaneously e.g 10 different sales campaigns
  • Use the software on up to 12 telephone lines at the same time, depending on the hardware installed.
  • Set start and stop times for each day of the week.
  • Automatically generate a random list of telephone numbers
  • Import a list of telephone numbers
  • Allow manual setup and editing of the list of phone numbers within Acarda Messenger
  • Prevent calls being made to numbers you want to exclude, eg emergency services
  • Gives recipients the option of being added to a Do Not Call List
  • Configurable number of delivery attempts for busy or no answer calls
  • Play a different message if call answered by answer machine
  • Identifies fax numbers rung and allows you to print out/export a list of them
  • Verify the listener is the right person to hear the message
  • Wait till right person comes to the telephone
  • Ask for a time to ring back when the correct person will be available
  • Recipient can select to be transferred, e.g. to a sales representative
  • Recipient can confirm they would like some action taken, e.g. to be rung back
  • Recipient can leave you a message e.g. their postal address for you to send them more information
  • Recipient can enter a fax number e.g for you to send them more information, or a phone number e.g of someone else they think might want to hear the message
  • Reports the results of calls, e.g add to do not call list, successful, failed, and the recipients response to given options, e.g  confirmation, transfer, enter number & recipient message
  • Displays call statistics
  • In Answer Machine Only mode Acarda Messenger will only play a message if it detects an answer machine
  • Extensive On-Screen Help
  • Supports Windows NT4/2000/XP, 95/98/ME

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